Lika Shkhvatsabaia

"The basic principle by which my work is inspired is based on an optimistic vision of life, in a contradictory and complicated world. I work in a free and individual way. Color is the main focus of my creativity, the way I express my feeling; connected to this world."

Cibeles Palace, 2019 - Mixed media on canvas 46x55 cm

"Art is that particular moment of searching individuality and the ability to see how much and how you perceive the world. In my work, I always try to express my attitude towards current realities and challenges in life. For me, the feeling and main essence are most important, as well as an existential search.

I was born on 31th of May in 1972 in Tbilisi, Georgia, in a family of well-known sculptors and painters. Since childhood, I grew up among artists and people who inspired me. After graduating high school, I was admitted to the faculty of Monumental Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi. Since then I have been participating in exhibitions in Georgia and many other countries. In 2014 I moved to Madrid, Spain.

The process of working on the canvas and materializing my ideas modify many things in my paintings. My use of colors shows the creative and emotional side of my personality. One of my latest works, “Muros contra el infinito”, powerfully represents this fact.  I obtain the final result of my work: to inspire intense emotions that transmit my vision of the Universe."

My Mood, 2020 - Mixed media on canvas, 100x100 cm
Wish, 2018 - Mixed media on canvas, 100x100 cm
Mi Subconsciente, 2019 - Mixed media on canvas 135x115 cm
Leaving Pompeii, 2017 - Mixed media on canvas 97x145 cm

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