Liliana Stafford

Liliana Stafford’s work is inspired by seen and unseen world’s colliding – referencing simultaneously the natural world and layered human relations. She is fascinated by the unseen manifested physical: an invisible wind moving a visible leaf. Through her use of abstract acrylics and wired sculptures.

Sharing The Load - Ink on canvas 100 x 85 cm

Born 1950 in South Harting, UK, Liliana Stafford lives and works in Fremantle, Western Australia. She is the published author of 12 books and has illustrated one other book. A self-taught artist she has been painting full-time for the past 4 years and recently began making sculpture.  Her exhibitions since 2013 have taken place at Xanadu Gallery Scottsdale Arizona, David Giles Art Gallery Fremantle WA, Paper Bird Gallery Fremantle, Allendale Square Law Building, Perth and she has received notable awards in Australia. Her work is in the private collections of Lesley Reece’s, director of the Literature Centre Perth WA, David Giles’ (Artist), Guundie Kuchling (writer and artist) Rob Zielinski (musician).

The Writing On The Wall - Ink on canvas 85 x 85 cm
Where Dreams Lie - Ink and pencil on paper 31 x 41 cm
A Storyboard Of Memory - Ink on canvas 85 x 85 cm
Heartbeats - Ink on canvas 85 x 85 cm

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