Lilliana S. DiDovic

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." - Andy Warhol

"Quin Chair Onyx" Acrylic on wood W 71 cm x D 23 H 94 cm

"My art is a reflection of my own journey in life. I was born in the former Yugoslavia (Šibenik, Croatia). In 1992, I escaped the war in my homeland (Sarajevo, Bosnia) and was granted political asylum in the United States for my family and me. En route to our exile in America, we stopped in Philadelphia, where we found our new place in the Sun. This city, where we made our new home and where my son’s life has been saved so many times, has become a theme and inspiration for my paintings. I found inspiration in the city that gave me hope, home, and solace. My life, which has been full of surprises and is very difficult to describe in words, is visible in the colors I use for my art-brave, dynamic, vibrant and unpredictable. It is one of the new escapes from the life I previously had. My award-winning paintings portray Philadelphia in its best light - bright, bold, glittery and famously iconic. Done in acrylic, on canvas, black drawing paper, or on the old furniture pieces, my paintings show a celebration of life and existence. I am spreading that celebration all over the world, with my art included in private collections in Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, and Hong-Kong, China and throughout the United States."

"Lilliana's artwork and the colors she applies to her art are very unique. Lilliana enriches American abstract expressionism by the unique way she illustrates the cityscapes of Philadelphia. Looming with blocks of colors and lines, she shows the streets of Philadelphia, its buildings, charming stars, houses and flowers with fantastic colors. Looking at Lilliana's work we can see and feel her quest for beauty in art. Her art with abstract expressionistic techniques have revealed a sincere pop art. China has an old proverb that says "Art is a person" for me, that phrase portrays Lilliana exactly. "

- Dexiang Qian, Profesor of Fine Arts Academy, Hunan University, China from the book "Her Philadelphia Tales - The Art of Lilliana S. DiDovic" by DoN Brewer

Bar "Latona" Acrylic on wood W 94 cm x D 40 cm x H 71 cm
Desk "Rose" Acrylic on wood, W 71 cm x D 59 cm x H 66 cm
Side table "Valentine" Acrylic on wood W 56 cm x D 66 cm x H 61 cm
Cabinet "Party" Acrylic on wood W 45 cm x D 33 cm x H 81 cm

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