Linda LaBella

“I believe I am a painter's painter. My work is contained chaos in paint; it’s made spontaneously and intuitively. Sub-thoughts, visual memories and interior landscapes guide me to give voice to relationships of color, movement, and paint-images that live in a momentary two-dimensional paint-world.”

Dumbles - Oil on canvas 24 x 24 in. $1,000.

Born in Oyster Bay, New York, Linda LaBella is an artist focusing on painting and drawing. She has been featured in solo exhibits in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Japan, and Mexico. Awarded a full scholarship for an MFA from Stanford University in California, she worked closely with renowned California artists Nathan Oliveira. Earlier in Sacramento, she collaborated with St. Louis artist Oliver Jackson.

During a four-year cultural exchange, LaBella taught art in Guadalajara, Mexico, at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas and at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. She studied Spanish and practiced dressage while also exhibiting and engaging with Mexican artists.

Upon returning to the United States, LaBella was invited to a printmaking residency at CW Post College. Subsequently, she taught printmaking and drawing at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. She continues to draw inspiration from Mexico's history, culture, and birdwatching experiences, hosting open studios in her TRIBECA studio in New York City.

Master of Fine Art, Stanford University, California
Master of Art, California State University at Sacramento
Bachelor of Art, California State University at Sacramento

Hot Pink-plosian - Oil on canvas 40 x 60 in. $4,800
The Taking Stone - Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in. $3,000
Tumbler - Oil on canvas 40 x 60 in. $4,800
The Hidden - Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in. $3,000

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