Linda-Saskia Menczel

“I became aware that I have a responsibility for what I release into the world around me. My desire is to take a step back to a time when art was subservient to its spiritual and pedagogical purpose.

Musica Universalis - Mixed media 200 x 140 x 160 cm

Linda-Saskia Menczel has been a  member of the Romanian Union of Fine Arts since 1998 and is a founding member of the "Dor" artists' group (2001),  member of the SMCA (2001), member of the Society of the Orthodox Christian Women Timisoara (2016), member of the Association of women creators in plastic arts of Romania (2016.)



Selected to represent Romania at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and at the EU Parliament in 2005. Awarded the lifetime achievement award in 2005, 2009, and 2015 by Timisoara City hall; ‘Excellence in Sculpture’ 2017 awarded by the County Salon; ‘Artist of the Future’ Award, by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine 2020


Solo Exhibitions

2020 ‘From letter to Word’, Saskial Art Promotions art space, Timișoara, Ro 2019  ‘Musica Universalis’, Art Museum, Timisoara, Ro 2019 ‘Thought-Forms’, EMArt Gallery, Deva, Ro 2016  ‘Becoming’ Pygmalion Gallery, Timisoara, Ro 2013  ‘Confession II’ Helios Gallery, Timisoara Ro 2011  ‘Confession’ Helios Gallery, Timisoara Ro 2009  ‘Shemot-Names’ Helios Gallery, Tiffin University, Timisoara, Ro 2007  ‘Codex’ CJT, Opera House Timisoara, Ro 2006  ‘Exodus 14.19-21’, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Ro 2006  ‘Secrets and Secret Places’ Artis Gallery Bucharest, Ro 2004  ‘Persona’ Helios Gallery Timisoara, Ro 2002  ‘Secret’, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Ro 2001  ’Temple’, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Ro 1998  ‘Initiation’, Art Gallery, Timisoara, Ro /Art in Public spaces: 2021  ‘Liberation’, UAPT headquarters, Rozelor, Park Timișoara; 2020  Bust of prof. Francisc Schneider, Faculty Medicine and Pharmacy Timișoara; 2019  Bust of C.D. Loga and Bust of Silviu Bejan, CD Loga National College Timișoara; 2016  ‘The Virgin with 12 Stars’, façade of Romano-Catholic parochial house, Timișoara; 2014 ‘Meeting yourself’, Private collection, Timişoara; 2013  ‘Bust of Acad. Ioan Anton’, Polytechnical Institute, Timisoara; 2009  ‘Adam', Triade, sculpture park Timisoara; 2009  ‘Bust of Prince Eugene of Savoy’, Anton Scudier park Timișoara.

The Alchemist - Bronze 70 x 40 x 40 cm
Temptation in the wilderness - Bronze and stone 50 x 40 x 27 cm
Stairway to freedom - Bronze 32 x 35 x 24 cm
Kenosis - Bronze 57 x 37.19 cm

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