Liyuan Liu

Insight - Oil and mixed media on canvas 275 x 150 cm $130,000

Liu Liyuan graduated from the Department of Dyeing and Clothing department at Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. She loves painting and began to learn it during her childhood. Liyuan has completed research on classical and modern art and has excelled in studying figure painting. Now living in Vancouver, Liyuan has studied under the famous oil painter Xue Yanqun and the Chinese painting and calligraphy master Liang Zhaotang for many years.

Liyuan is also engaged in the application work of art advancement to famous schools in North America, helping students apply for prestigious schools in North America and Europe and has many years of experience with a 100% success! Her students have won many awards in the World Cup Art Drawing Competition and continuously published professional art guidance articles in the media such as Metropolis Daily, Global Chinese News, Afar, and Altitude, as well as accepted personal interviews.

In 2017, Liyuan did personal interviews with the columns of Canadian City TV "Elegance" and "Dating in the City." At the same time, she has been invited to give lectures on the Canadian Chinese Radio "Art Special Interview" and "Live Broadcast of the Guidance Series of Prestigious Art Schools". 

In 2021 and 2022, she participated in the Vancouver artist group exhibition with five works. Liyuan's oil paintings have won awards in Switzerland; her watercolor works have also won awards on online exhibitions in the United States; her works have also been published in the well-known French artist magazine "Circle Quarterly Art Review."

Still Life Homer in Louvre - Oil on canvas 48 x 63 cm $9,000
Floating - Oil on canvas 129 x 86 cm $19,000
Read Picasso - Oil on canvas 60 x 90 cm $17,000
Bubble - Oil on canvas 170 x 135 cm $86,000
Studio - Oil on canvas 210 x 145 cm
The Mask - Oil on canvas 145 x 127 cm
Nirvana - Oil on canvas 220 x 88 cm
Butterfly - Oil on canvas 154 x 110 cm
Lay Out - Oil on canvas 156 x 120 cm

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