"A compelling aspect of art is its potential to transport us from the ordinary to the ecstatic, a heightened state of clarity and bliss." - Lew Carson

Neuron - Bronze 16 x 26 x 9 in. - $18,000

“While I’m a classically trained master stone carver, as an artist and sculptor I work in a variety of materials. I express my conceptually driven ideas in novel sculptural form, experimenting with texture, materials, color, or interactive elements.   

Observing the natural world and mystery of transformation inspires me. I’m fascinated by a harmony of contradictions between chaos and order, light and darkness, good and bad. I explore how they’re interconnected, how they can stay in balance, and how the meaning of thought or beauty can take shape in physical form.

I am a creator, an action-oriented man who is excited to make new things. For me, art is as natural and necessary as breathing or eating. It gives my life purpose. My artwork indulges my curiosity about the world and allows me to communicate and engage with others. Art is my contribution to society.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, I am now a resident of Silicon Valley. As an international man and product of globalization, I live and work in the shrinking space between traditions of the past and uncertainty of the emerging future.”

Flex Cube - Bronze 12 x 12 x 12 in. - $12,000
Talking Heads - Bronze 24 x 12 x 12 in. - $12,000
Pixel - Bronze 13 x 13 x 13 in. - $12,000
Sea Foam - Carrara marble 11ft 6 in. x 7ft x 3ft 6 in. - NFS

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