Louis van der Linden

“Tranquil worlds, each painting as a personal exploration of subject and material.”

Multiple works, 9 paintings, virtually exhibited, oil on canvas, different sizes

“Images, (making and reflecting on) is my thing. Active as a child and considered talented, doze off as a teenager, blossomed at the Academy. Then I worked, mainly as a teacher and completed a second degree in Visual Communication, after which I also worked as a designer and online strategist. In 2014,  it was time to become entirely dedicated to my independent fine art practice. My work is figurative and the starting point is the visible world. Starting with a blank white canvas, I see the image once in my mind emerge on the surface. With each addition, building up the painting in multiple layers, decisions are made, partly intuitively."



het Veem (Witnesses of the industrial past, Warehouse Building, The Netherlands) - Oil on canvas 120 x 120 cm
Early summer climate, beach Lido di Metaponto - Oil on canvas 90 x 90 cm
Silent Witnesses to Climate Change, North Sea Coast, 4-panels - Oil on canvas 150 x 150 cm
Hazenputten - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

This review was published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist


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