Luana Stebule

"I am always aiming at the resemblance in my creativity. I am observing nature and objects and transferring them by the signs. My aim is to be simple, awesomely simple. My inspirations come from different sources; from the outer the world and from within; eternity, unconsciousness. meditation."

Holly Family - Oil on canvas 61 x 51 cm

“Since 2013, I have been living and creating in the United Kingdom. My art includes stage projects, mural paintings together with 23 solo and 43  group exhibitions in Europe, England, Canada and the United States.

Recently, I exhibited my artworks in Venice with the ITSLIQUID group, in Rome, Rossocinabro Art Gallery, in May I participated in Dallas The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art. In 2018 I created my English website and became visible around the globe. I have since received numerous recognitions.

In 2019 I was selected by International Art Market Magazine for the Gold List as one of the Top Artists of Today. In 2020 I was awarded the 3rd International Leonardo Da Vinci Prize and the New York City Prize. Also, my pictures have been included into art anthologies “Important World Artists 2020” and “International Contemporary Masters 2021” by World Wide Art Books, USA. In 2021 I was awarded the Dante Alighieri International Prize. In July of 2022 in New York I was awarded by ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Award and the Collector’s Choice Award.”

Round the clock - Oil on canvas 91 x 61 cm
Oxford Street - Oil on canvas 61 x 46 cm
Behind you - Oil on canvas 76 x 51 cm
Transformation from the toy - Oil on canvas 61 x 51 cm

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