Lucia Brauburger

"My artistic work reflects the time in which it is created. It is also a mirror that reflects my perspective as an artist as well as that of the viewer."

Sometimes it is hard to be a woman (Version 2) - Sculpture and print 30 x 30 cm

Lucia Brauburger loves versatility. She writes books, is a lecturer, owns her own business and is an artist. In her professional context, rational categories play a major role. Her artistic work is based on the conviction that one-dimensionality does not exist and that rational categories only make up one side of our reality.

The artist, who lives in Germany, wants to make this complexity visible with her art. This becomes clear through the diverse techniques she uses. Her large-format paintings for instance, all acrylic on canvas, always consist of several layers that have grown in an organic process, making it clear that a multi-dimensional life of its own is hidden behind every surface.

Her collages from the painting series "Female Perspective" are also multi-layered. Brauburger, born in 1965, studied History and Philology. She has repeatedly investigated the role of "images" and their effect on human behaviour. Her works are to be understood as a statement to make stereotypical perceptions of women visible and at the same time to question them.

Brauburger developed another theme in the context of Covid19 pandemic restrictions in her series "Living in the Time of Corona." Here she translates the experience of isolation and confinement into a sculptural approach by concealing portraits of women behind closed hemispheres.

Lucia Brauburger has already found a national and international audience with her works. She regularly exhibits at home and abroad. In 2020, she received the Woman Art Award (Musa International Art Space in cooperation with UNESCO, Bologna) - a worldwide contemporary art prize created to discover, recognize and give support to women artists. As a woman, mother of two grown-up children, successful entrepreneur and artist, she wants to make a conscious statement: “It's worth it to seek and find your own path.”

Lost head - Collage (acrylic on canvas/ paper) 60 x 60 cm
Big lips - Collage (acrylic on canvas/ paper) 30 x 30 cm
Not without my handbag. Living in the time of Corona - Collage 30 x 30 cm (Original photo: ValuaVitaly)
What is - Collage (acrylic on canvas/ paper) 70 x 70 cm

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