Lucia Brauburger

"My art is a mirror in two ways. It shows inner reality as well as what I see. As Jackson Pollock said: "Painting is self-discovery." Yet it is much more than that..."

Female Elements - Acrylic on canvas 100 x 150 cm

German Artist, Lucia Brauburger was born in 1965. She only discovered painting as a form of expression a few years ago and has since not stopped creating works on canvas. As an author and the owner of a communications agency, the Mainz-based artist delves deeply into the significance of interdisciplinary work and innovation. She sees her pictures as a complementary component of this activity. Lucia is a member of the artists' Association [KUN:ST] INTERNATIONAL.

Talking about her work, Lucia describes: “My pictures point in two directions. On the basis of scraped lines and arbitrarily applied colour fields they create abstract landscapes and combinations of figures that build on seemingly archaic forms and deliberately eschew contemporary references. They show a reality that departs from the fast-lane, leveling obsession with the future; turning away from the material, visible and contemporary and towards the ’twas-ever-thus.

The second group acts as a mirror of my female perspective: I play with prototypical depictions of women, convey the arbitrary reproduction and reduction that lies behind these portrayals. The digital manipulation exaggerates this even further, like a collage. But in fact, this exaggeration is part of the reality that women are confronted with every day.”

Irma 1 (Hurricane) - Acrylic on canvas 110 x 110 cm
Millepora (Fire Coral) - Acrylic on canvas 150 x 250 cm
I See You - Acrylic on canvas and paper 120 x 160 cm
Ariel - Acrylic on canvas 150 x 250 cm

In recent years, Lucia Brauburger´s works have been shown at the following exhibitions and art fairs:

2016 - Berliner Liste |Berlin, ART.FAIR Köln | Köln, Luxembourg Art Fair | Luxemburg

2017 TaunusTurm | Frankfurt am Main, ART MARKET BUDAPEST | Budapest

2018 Galerie im Medienhaus Mainz GIMM| Mainz, ART SALZBURG CONTEMPORARY | Salzburg, Associazione Culturale Sei l´Arte | Turin

2019 ITSLIQUID International Art Exhibition 2019|Venedig, Discovery Art Fair | Köln, Discovery Art Fair I Frankfurt/M.

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