Luiz Todeschi

“LIGHT HUNTER AND PEACE PHOTOGRAPHER - Activist for World Peace using photography as a form of expression. MISSION - Offer the world unique images and visual narratives of high impact with authorial language and focus on light and good relations.”

The Future Is - Hannemule paper 110 x 70 cm

Luiz Guilherme Todeschi, (b. Curitiba Pr, 1977) Global Ambassador, has been an infomanager for 25 years, writer, poet, speaker, photographer, video maker, visual artist and visionary of the way. Founder of the Save Eco Space Movement (2019), a human development and societal regeneration network, Luiz combines his activist and artistic work, taking with him the possibility of new creations and the desire to manifest his intuitive side of the INTEGRATED BEING. When he discovered photography as a support to serve art, he started to specialize in minimalist photographs and metaphysical narratives with a focus on backlight whenever possible, honoring the four elements of nature and their manifestations.

Street Style - Interdimensional NY - Hannemule paper 40 x 60 cm
White Egreat - Hannemule paper 40 x 60 cm
The resonance of the ant - Hannemule paper 40 x 60 cm
Red River Forest - Hannemule paper 40 x 50 cm

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