Lukas Kandl

“Ce qui m’importe c’est de montrer des tableaux devant lesquels le spectateur attentif va s’installer, entrer en communion, faire sa propre promenade de rêve éveillé et s’habiller, ne serait-ce que pour un moment, d’une sensation rare, inhabituelle.”

“What matters to me is to show paintings in front of which the attentive spectator will settle down, enter into communion, take his own waking dream walk and dress, if only for a moment, in a rare, unusual sensation.”

Belphégor (La Fontaine Livre 12, Fable 27) - Oil on canvas 195 x 130 cm

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1944, Lukas Kandl graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and now lives in France. From 2002 to 2020, Lukas lead the “Visionirique-étrange” group of the Salon Comparaisons which exhibited every year in the Grand Palais in Paris. In 2006, Kandl led the creation of the international movement “Libellule, Contemporary Renaissance”. Ever since, he has given an annual theme and format to the artists of Libellule and launched a new collection.

The group started the first show in the Grand Palais in Paris at the “Art Capital fair – salon Comparaisons” and then the collection was circulated worldwide.

In 2020, Kandl began a large Libellule project, titled "Tribute to La Fontaine"; to have all the La Fontaine fables reinterpreted by the Libellule artists (246 fables) ready for the 400th anniversary of this great poet (08/07/1621). The project was done on time and shown in three different locations in 2021. The project was published in three volumes which included all texts and images.

"On January 2016, I realized my 1000th painting. As I loved the La Fontaine Fables project so much, I decided to reinterpret all the La Fontaine's Fables by myself. My goal is to have a book edited with my interpretation of the 246 fables for my 80th birthday."

Lukas Kandl has a notable career spanning 80 solo shows and participation in more than 500  group exhibits. The recipient of numerous awards, including the Golden Palm in the Art Festival in Brussels (Belgium), the prize of the national council at the International Prize of Monte-Carlo (Monaco), First Place Award at the Art Festival of Osaka (Japan) as well as a  Prize by the European Foundation. Lukas Kandl has been elected as a member of the exclusive Copley Society in Boston (U.S.A.) and promoted Commander in orders of the European Star, as well as Chevalier du Tastevin at the Clos de Vougeot in Burgundy (France). In June 2019, Kandl received the Gold Medal of the A.S.L. “Arts Sciences and Letters” Academy.

Les Animaux malades de la peste (La Fontaine Livre 7, Fable 1) - Oil on canvas 170 x 245 cm
Vertumnus couronné (Tribute to Arcimboldo) - Oil on canvas 195 x 130 cm
Gardien d'un inaccessible trésor - Oil on canvas 180 x 300 cm
Cheval à la rose magique - Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm

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