The series of work TEMPOSQUISITO by artist Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, of which ‘BEYOND THIS POINT everything remains 5’ is a part, will be exhibited in London, U.K., at the London Biennale from 1st July 2021. The artist’s work engages aerial research & filming to re-form perceptions, photographically and cinematically, of aerial visions, bodies in free-fall, and challenges of navigational narratives. The work speaks to the plasticity of the aerial view, atmospheric materialism, and the allure of elemental envelopment (deflation of hot air balloon) to disclose the possibility of rethinking concepts of navigation and the dislocated body across extremes of distance and spatial proximity.
The works engage with both navigational satellite and ground research, photographic still-moving imagery & topographical terrain shifts along the northern hemisphere latitude parallel between 37.7 N. and 47 N., the demarcation of northern hemisphere latitudes along which Roberts-Goodwin traversed and tracked from satellite, hot air balloon through to ground level–the imagined route that daredevil Italian pioneer balloonist Vincenzo Lunardi in the 18 Century had attempted. Otherworldly narratives and myths, both spatial and temporal combine an explorative approach, coupled with the artist’s passion for driving and expanding historical narratives that are measured through lines of latitude which rarely impinge on everyday experience.
The London Biennale is a museum exhibition curated by Gagliardi Gallery in conjunction with the International Confederation of Art Critics and the Chianciano Art Museum.