“Art has the power to spread messages, to transform people's lives, to heal wounds and it makes us think and feel. I want to believe that it can unite us, too and that's what I'm trying to do.”

The Artist's Eye II - Oil on board 21 x 15 cm

ASCENSION LORENTE HUGUET (b. Spain) is a contemporary artist based in the UK. Having grown up in the countryside, her love for nature grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Ascension has always been fascinated by images of people and how they were represented in drawings and paintings. Naturally, she had an affinity for drawing at an early age. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed through formal academic training in Fine Art in the UK. Initially, her first formal artistic training began in the Alabaster industry in North of Spain. 

After completing her Master's Degree, Ascension delved into her artistic practice, which involved readjusting some segments of her life and she finds great inspiration through the exchange between cultures as it gives her a great opportunity for artistic exploration and expression. 

Selected for 'The Artist in Residence' programme at the University of Kent after graduation, Ascension was the creator and designer of the "Journeys Through the Labyrinth Journal." The journal featured all the work developed during her residency, which culminated in an exhibition of the work. 

The artist was one of the recipients of The Art & Escape Awards at the Art and Escape Gallery in Hertfordshire in 2010. Her work, "The Killing of The Beast" was selected by The National Society of Painters, Sculptors & Printmakers 78th Exhibition and the work was exhibited at The Menier Gallery in London. Her video performance "The Human Animal" was selected as part of an International Experimental Video Art Film Festival celebrated at the Almeria Museum in Spain in October 2014.

​From 2014 to 2017 some of the artist's work was widely exhibited worldwide as part of an Outsider Art Project movement, which originated in London. Currently, Ascension combines her art practice with teaching Art at a Secondary School in UK where she lives and continues developing her artistic career and art vision.

Female Bust - Oil on Canvas 41 x 41 cm
The Birth of Venus - Charcoal on paper 42 x 59 cm
The Supremacy of Being - Oil on canvas 41 x 41 cm
Minotaur Woman - Oil on canvas 80 x 54 cm

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