M T Molner

"Painting is giving me a sense of freedom, the light and the colour enchant my senses and with the palette knife, I manage to recreate a three-dimensional effect of the light playing on surfaces. Nature inspires me to try to recreate the natural movement of the wind."

Blazing Sun - Oil on canvas 64 x 59 cm

"I enjoyed drawing from an early age. I was the youngest person to enter the Academy of Fine Art in my home city of Barcelona in its history and obtained my degree there.

My first works were of academic character; figures, still lives, abstracts and portraits. As the years went by, I took on a more personal style mostly using a pallet knife, especially in landscapes, and I found my artistic fluency inspired by the Mediterranean light.

This method with palette knives, using oils and acrylics, tends to give the paintings a third dimension with the generously applied pigments creating a relief that plays with the light and the colours. Nature is copied and transported to the canvasses. I can also work in large dimensions, for example creating murals and I accept commissions for such work."

M T Molner is a an artist and restorer born in Barcelona and currently living between the UK and Spain.

English Summer Garden - Oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm
Sailing into the storm - Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm
Save the planet from fire - Oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm
Cherry Blossom Time - Acrylic on canvas 58 x 68 cm

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