Macovei N B

“I try to construct images that are impossible to transcribe in the form of words. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes the words still bite under the pictures. There are also situations when the visible ensemble pulsates like an unknown heart or like a world that can take you anywhere by diverting undulations and shapes…”

SUBJECTIVE GEOMETRIES - Digital art 5900 x 5900 px

“My biography somewhat resembles the meanderings of the Second World War. My family's house in Iasi received a German bomb as a gift. Then we woke up (we were obviously in diapers) as young refugees in Hunedoara. I ended up growing up in Huniazi Castle. After the robust establishment of the communist dictatorship, my mother got a job as a technical draftsman (she graduated from bellearte in Iași) and was assigned two completely empty rooms (I slept on the floor a lot time), near the Royal Palace in Bucharest and near the wave pool of the Lido Hotel. My older brother was sentenced to 14 years hard prison for plotting against the state. He was only 17.

But I live on Benjamin Franklin street No.16 now. I have been married for over 40 years to a teacher - Teodora - whom I fell in love with in the first seven seconds after I saw her shyly enter the marble lobby of the Jewish State Theater. Our son decided to emigrate to England, outraged by what is happening in Romania, a toxic mixture of East and West, but also the corruption supported by a lot of incompetence.

After graduating from high school, I got a position as a stage director at the State Jewish Theatre. I retired when my brother came back. Among other things, I had roles in plays, and Romanian and even foreign films. Now I'm kind of glued to my desk chair, working a little too much on digital art and systematically in the many books in the library. I have published volumes of poetry, fine art chronicles, journalism and other topics. I opened personal shows in Bucharest, the Bulgarian province, and also in European countries and beyond. As a dedicated retiree I'm always working to find out who I am but, it's true, I'm not too happy. But I continue…”

UNIQUE COMPLEX - Digital art 3800 x 4800 px
ANTIQUITY - Digital art 4000 x 5000 px
IMPERIAL RID - Digital art 4500 x 5000 px
CUNING FABRIC - Digital art 4400 x 5500 px

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