Maev Marchini

“For 25 years now I have chosen to express myself on copper plates with colored varnishes and other materials. Copper’s warmth in combination with the transparency of the varnishes gives an incomparable radiance. The characters in the paintings are stylized and emphasized in an abstract space. This composition gives to the whole, a different look which brings you in a timeless space. The goal of these works is to let the gaze go into timeless space.”

New Japan - Varnish color on copper

Maev Marchini is a French artist living in Canada and working with copper and glass media, who has a unique technique of drawing with varnishes. A “Contemporary Trans-Realist” painter the work of Marchini results from a combination subconscious and nearly unreal images merged with transparencies. Marchini has an impressive resume with exhibition in Canada and internationally from 1996 to date. She exhibited in London, 2017 at the Royal Opera Arcades Gallery, received a Certificate of Excellence in 2015 from Artavita and was nominated for Montreal Grand Design Awards, 8th edition, 2015.  In 2013, her art featured at the Grand Gala of Visual Arts Academia XXI where she received the title of Academician of International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec.

Dragon Woman - Varnish color on copper
Emotion - Varnish color on copper
La Femme de Glace (Ice Woman) - Varnish color on copper
La Femme Oiseau (The Bird Woman) - Varnish color on copper

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