Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine Contest

Through this contest, 60 artists will be selected for publication in up to 6 pages and/or the Front and Back Covers

We invite visual artists, working in all fine art media that can be depicted on the printed page, to submit their artwork in order to be considered for publication in the Winter 2023 Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine.

Circle Quarterly is a premium quality printed magazine, available also in digital form. With nine back issues, the magazine has been met with great success from an extended readership of international art lovers and art professionals. Previous issues in this edition have a combined 500,000 reads just on Issuu.

Circle Quarterly is dedicated to providing a wide range of remarkable art by international artists who create in a variety of style and media. Publishing the work of established, mid-career and upcoming artists, this magazine provides a critical review on what art looks like today.

Prepare your images and join this contest today!

The Magazine

Circle Quarterly Art Review is a premier art publication, with each issue providing a new and exciting chapter in the story of what art looks like today. The magazine is a review of current trends and original practices in fine art, examining all fields, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, digital art, ceramics, mixed media, new media, collage, etc. 

In circulation since 2018, Circle Quarterly is an established resource for art collectors and art professionals looking for new art. With a wide international distribution, the magazine has over 500,000 reads only on Issuu, and each new issue reaches our list of about 65,000 curators, galleries, collectors, publishers, etc. The magazine is also available in print and copies can be ordered in most countries. 

Publication in this magazine adds significant value to an artist's resume and serves as a powerful avenue for gaining widespread exposure.

This is the 10th issue of the magazine and will be published in December 2023.

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The Contest

Participation Cost: 20 Euro per image entry
Contest Deadline: December 8, 2023

Through this contest

60 Artists will become published in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pages in Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine

1 Artist will be published on the Front Cover

1 Artist will be published on the Back Cover

60 more artists will be named Contest Finalists and will receive a unique, named & signed Finalist Certificate

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Media Accepted: All artwork that can be depicted on the printed page. (Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Illustration, Drawing, Collage, Printmaking, Digital Art, Book Art, Mixed media, Installation documentation, Performance documentation, Video Art stills)

Image upload: Please make sure that the total of your images submitted is under 25MB. Selected artists will be contacted after the results have been announced and requested to send us their higher resolution images for publication.

When you are ready to upload your images to this contest, click below to access the participation form. Please note, that after you submit the form you will receive a confirmation email. If you successfully submitted the form and have not received a confirmation email, please contact us.

Magazine Details

Design, Quality, Distribution

The printed magazine

Elegantly designed and with optimal emphasis on the artwork, our magazines are printed in Europe with high-quality full-color 115gram paper and a glossy cover (250gr, full color, laminated sulfate paperboard). Perfectly bound each issue is available in two sizes, regular A4 size and pocket, and can be ordered directly to your address of choice.

The E-magazine

Fully available for free online, our magazines reach a dedicated readership through our website, our social media, our Newsletter. Each new issue is published on a unique page on our website and featured artists will have the ability to link out their own page in the magazine through, (the internet's largest publication platform.) where our magazines are read an average of 50,000 times per week. The published artist will have the chance to add the entire digital magazine on their personal website and of course share it through email and/or social media.

Magazine Design

The magazine has a well-researched, optimal design which directs the emphasis on the artwork. Each page contains one image, work details in museum-style labeling, the artist's name, website and a short statement. The magazine has a contemporary feel which provides a neutral yet elegant pedestal for each work allowing its uniqueness to come through. On the digital magazine the artist's website is a direct link.

Benefit of Publication

For the fine artist, to become published in a juried publication not only provides the chance to become established within a milieu of notable artists but directly increases the value of their work. This is a straightforward opportunity to extend the artist's resume and bibliography as well as introduce their work to new audiences.

The press release goes out to our list of about 65,000 art professionals including gallerists, independent curators, collectors, interior designers etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the magazine look like? See the latest issue for a close idea of what this magazine will look like.

Is this an online magazine? No, this is also a print magazine. Our magazines are printed in Europe with high-quality full-color 115gram paper and a full-color cover of 200gram. Perfectly bound each issue is available in two sizes, regular and pocket.

Who reads the magazine? Our magazines are sent via email to select galleries, curators, interiors designers and art professionals to our emailing list containing over 65,000 addresses and with an open/click rate of over 85%. Our publications have a bit under 1,000,000 reads on Issuu.

When will the contest results be announced? The contest results will be announced in mid December.

What payments do you accept? You can check out using PayPal or Card.

How many images can I add? You can add up to 10 images each time the form is submitted.

What size should my uploaded images be?  The images you upload should be large enough so we can clearly see the work. The total of your images should not be more than 25MB or the form will not work. When an artist is selected for publication, we request the higher resolution images to be published.

Is there another cost to publish for selected artists? No. There is no other cost to publish. The only cost for this project is the contest participation fee per image.

How much commission do you get if I sell my work through the magazine? We do NOT take any commission on artwork sold through the magazine.

Does my artwork have to be available for sale? It is not necessary that your work is available for sale.

After completing the form you will receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive a confirmation email it means that you entered your email address incorrectly. Please contact us asap.

How much is 20Euro in USD? 20Euro is about 21 USD. Please google "Euro to Dollar" conversion to see an exact rate.


More Questions? Email us at