Magda Florartist

"The human condition is dear to my heart; it seems to me that maybe, just for a little while on my canvas, through my artwork, I’ll give a voice to those who lost the right to talk… and condemn, injustices, poverty, misery and human suffering often forgotten."

Naughty Wind! - Florart 40 x 30 cm

Magda is a native of Alexandria, Egypt, and attributes her love of art to her father a watercolorist and her grandfather an iconographer. Self-taught, with more than twenty-five years of experience, Magda’s environmentally friendly artwork is done with neither paint nor brush, but rather only with Flora, such as flowers, leaves, sprigs, as well as powdered minerals to enhance and complete the discrete and limited colors of the Flora. Her artwork is kept under a conservation glass to maintain color stability. Magda’s artwork reflects her fascination with the human face, and the wide range of expressions and emotions conveyed through the eyes. Magda tries to capture these emotions in her work and is particularly sensitive to human suffering, misery, and injustices, for which she cannot remain indifferent.

Magda’s work is influenced by daily life: the news, poverty, and the cruel wars that blindly kill innocents. Magda tries to depict this uneasiness that lives within people facing natural disasters: such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, and reflect their fragility and powerless in facing the raging elements. In particular, Magda is touched by the precarious condition of women, the fragility of our elderly, who are often left alone and forgotten.

Peaceful Moments - Florart 30 x 40 cm
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Bon Appetit! - Florart 35 x 25 cm
The Tenor - Florart 25 x 30 cm

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