Makeski ART

“Art is a mediator of the unspeakable” - J. W. von Goethe

Genesis - Fotopaper 99 x 71cm - 6000 CHF

"I get my inspiration from my subconscious, very often I meditate bevor I start to paint.

A typical feature of these meditative times are the faces which appear during the painting process and sometimes merge into one another. Since early childhood, I was accompanied by my father who was an academic artist. The painting process crystallized in my own style and today I can confirm that my Art Style and especially painting medium are totally unique in the Art scene.

The need to express myself artistically gives me the opportunity to let go and let my feelings run free.

My artwork emerges from many different ways of expression.

My abstract paintings are reflections of my emotional experiences and my mood in the very moment of artistic creation. While examining my paintings I feel as if more and more resonances emerge. When I practice such intuitive art of painting I experience a kind of encounter with my self and many paintings are created out of this emotion. If you find my pictures attractive or if you feel touched and inspired by them, then you are close to me."

Born in FYROM (Macedonia) and living in Switzerland, Makeksi is an artist with a very unique technique perfected over the years to capture what he is yearning to express. Discover his beautiful works display bold color, fluid shape and beautiful line work.

Prayers - Fotopaper 60 x 90 cm - 4000 CHF
Prometheus - Fotopaper 52 x 65 cm - 3200 CHF
Scepter - Fotopaper 43 x 94 cm - 3600 CHF
Evolution - Fotopaper 64 x 64 cm - 3500 CHF

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