French artist, MARANT lives and works in Saint-Junien, France. He is a registered professional with the Maison des Artistes and certified with AKOUN and I-CAC as well as referenced in Art Price. Marant is a former student of the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Limoges.

Les citrouilles roses - Acrylic 81x 65 cm

“From an exterior painting I turned to a more creative painting by working in themes and color codes. The color, bringing a rhythm to these themes, is reinforced in the background such as black and white. The search for color is very important to give life and depth to the paintings, accompanied by strongly marked outlines in the manner of stained glass. The guiding line remains the nature and the events of life.

The work is characterised as a kind of stylized figurative painting, in flat tint somewhat deconstructed, taking geometric shapes and incorporating structured subjects of nature by working on color codes. This projection of landscapes and flowers symbolizes the elements that we would like to dream of in our imagination and be able to project into our life. By symbolizing the elements of these compositions I try to communicate a message of well-being in nature and simplicity in life.”

Formes et Fleurs - Acrylic 100 x 122 cm
Les maisons grises - Acrylic 100 x 81 cm
Phyllostachys Viridis - Acrylic 100 x 81 cm
Silhouettes aux tulipes - Acrylic 100 x 81 cm

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