Marc Brousse

"Utopia contains the most powerful and mysterious lifeblood in history. Utopia arises from the past to unveil the horizon. Only those who look towards what we do not see have the opportunity to change, sense and touch the world in a peculiar manner."

A leaf for eternity - burnt wood, stained glass, gold leafs 4 x 3.5 m

After many years spent abroad, in Amsterdam and Bordeaux, Marc Brousse currently lives in Brussels. He began his artistic career in 2016, imbued with his profession as an architect.

"Life is a line, thought is a line, each line is a vision of space and of the world." Manlio Brusantin.

With this hypothesis, Brousse approaches each composition on the soul of the line, the mechanisms of spatial composition in relation to the equation of time, to observe the evolution of an infinitesimal abstract construction towards a movement forming a space, a figurative and narrative perimeter. Marc thus deploys a singular language by capturing the line in his lifetime, to generate allegories between man, his Architecture and that of Nature.

Marc considers the line to be between two instants, unlike the point which is associated with the instant. The line represents a quantity, a volume of time, describing a movement. The eye which fixes the line seizes time and can give it form. Thus, in a process of elaboration, the line follows the measure of a life, that of the artist's time. The line comes alive to the rhythm of its breathing. Hundreds of thousands of lines are born in the aspiration of his breath, offering the maturity faithful to each work to transpose the architectural and urban organism to different scales of readings and transform measurements into imaginations.

The artist constructs his reflection on the intimate relationship that exists between the architecture of Nature and that of Man. 

Dear Hashima - Ink, charcoal, invisible ink on paper 76 x 56 cm
Tulipes - croisée sur cour Destijl - Charcoal on paper 31 x 23 cm
Domus Chrisalys - Ink, charcoal, invisible ink on paper 76 x 56 cm
Physalis - hotels suspendus au venezuela - Charcoal on paper 31 x 23 cm

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