Marco Riha

"I am an abstract/figurative painter on a quest for the best, using an automatic painting technique, where I put aside my conscious thoughts to access images from the subconscious mind. My favorite quote is 'to be in the flow' as in the flow of life but also the flow of paint."

Crocodile-on-fire, 2019 - Mixed media 130x108cm

“Born and educated in Austria, I landed a job as an international tour guide - never to be seen again at my university, where I studied law. In 1995, fascinated by stunning Sri Lanka, I took a year off to paint, the beginning of a long creative journey. As a self-taught artist, I kept on traveling and painting for some years until I found in Mexico my creative home base.

I experimented with different mediums, including a long phase with oils on canvas, my symbolic period, filled with therapeutic releases, inner and outer travel logs and first screams in color. The colorDrops series from 2014 mark the beginning of my abstract works in mixed media. This current period includes socio-political pieces about liberty, multiculturalism, ecocide, division and unity, raising the age-old question about the artist's role as a moral compass”.

Encounters, 2014 - Tint and oil on canvas 98x98cm
1heArt, 2021 - Mixed media Ø 120cm
2sides, 2021 - Oil on canvas 60x40cm
Wall-melt, 2017 - Tint and acrylics on canvas 98x98cm

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