Maria Zelasko Tomaselli

"Abstract Art is a powerful way for me to express myself. There are no boundaries, only freedom, which allows me to create whatever I want. I title my art poetically since I like my work to be mysterious, contradicting and dramatic! I hope that my viewers will ponder, wonder and dream!"

Modern Conflict - Mixed media 24 x 30 in.

"Born in Poland, Maria Zelasko Tomaselli was raised by her father Anthony and her mother Janina Zelasko in the village of Brzezna. As a young girl, she was surrounded by nature and learned how others, such as farmers, interacted with it. When she was ten, Maria recalls creating a “Monet” style painting of a cherry tree in bloom at the Brzezna elementary school. She remembers feeling a magical joy as she painted, and amazement with the finished artwork. As she grew older these memories and the foundation they provided for her creativity, has never left her.

While creating her mixed media artwork, she is courageously true to herself. The lines of poetry that she conceives as her titles seem to resonate with the very core of our human emotional experience. Her titles are rivers of ancient and modern dreams. They spill over with a medieval connotation, and there is a particular contemporary edge within each title.

I believe it is important to see and understand what Maria is presenting; a clear and uncompromising view of the pain of darkness, the anguish of loss, and the inevitable human passage into transformations of personality. In this sense, she reminds us of the Spanish legend of “El Duende,” the spirit wind that carries the story about the dark edges of humanity to the storyteller, poet, performer or painter.

It is rare to find an artist who brings us continuous creative gifts through her artworks. Remarkably, these artworks express naturally fleeting emotional moments experienced throughout the centuries. Maria Zelasko Tomaselli’s art language is characterized by her authentic and unique expression of emotions, her mastery of the materials, and her use of poetic universal titles."

(Biography credit goes to Author, Art Educator, and International professional painter Laara WilliamSen. Biography is not verbatim; it has been edited for succinctness)

The Shape of Pain - Acrylic 20 x 24 in.
Vendetta of A Fallen Tyrant - Mixed media 36 x 36 in.
Deconstruction of An Unknown Place - Mixed media 20 x 20 in.
Beyond the Frontier of Genocide - Mixed media 30 x 40 in.

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