Marie-Claude Goulet

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Einstein

Full bloom - Mixed media 36x24 in.

Marie-Claude Goulet paints whimsical birds and animals straight from her imagination. In her teens and through her twenties, Goulet received several awards for her writing skills. She wrote children's stories in which animals were the protagonists. Goulet was a practicing Lawyer for 25 years before turning entirely to painting. Through her canvases, she has reconnected with her creative nature, and she is telling stories again, thanks to the varied personalities of her distinctive creatures.

Since the beginning of her artistic career, Goulet has been represented by Galerie Québec Art, in the heart of Old Québec. Her works are part of private collections across North America.


“From the bottom of the sea to the sky, nature has always inspired me with stories and fantastic tales. This imaginary world lives in me for each creation, giving me the freedom to invent species - characters - of flowers, birds, and animals. I like to stage them in an atmosphere or in a setting that allows the observer to imagine a story.

My technical approach is stimulated by openness. I let the medium speak, without always wanting to control it. I welcome certain surprises, thus giving free rein to imperfection, to the freedom of the work, and to my own evolution as an artist. 

I paint expressively with a brush, a spatula, an aerosol. I play with textures, colors, gold, silver and aluminum leaves. Mortar, lava, copper, collages, also find their place in some of my works, if in my eyes, they serve the emotion and the atmosphere that I seek for my subject.

I create in a joyful spirit, and above all, I want my art to do good, to amuse, and to provide even a particle of the beneficial effect it has on me.”

Simeon le rêveur - Mixed media on canvas 36x24 in.
Henri - Mixed media on canvas 60x48 in.
Coup d’œil - Mixed media on canvas 30x24 in.
Balthazar - Mixed media 48x48 in.

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