Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier

"Photography for me is all about beauty, sincerity,  pureness, simplicity, and feeling. It should touch your soul."

At the Window Series - Hasselblad digital back

Born in the small village of Brabant in the South of the Netherlands, Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier now lives in Amsterdam. She has taken courses and masterclasses in Photography for 10 years at Fotogram, Amsterdam. Marie-Jeanne ’s images have a mystical aura that entices the viewer and invites them into a journey through a sensual and delicate world. Reminiscent of the old Dutch Masters, her photographs seem to employ the same vocabulary of symbols and metaphors. Beautiful textures, a deep, well-balanced light, a well-calculated perspective and delicate gestures are key elements in drawing up her mysterious and intricate open-ended narratives that allow the viewer to contemplate and fathom the profound intensity in the simplicity of the human condition.

Boys and Girls in White Blouse Series - Hasselblad Analog
At the Window Series Hasselblad digital back
Contemplation Series, Still Life - Lemon & Lace Hasselblad digital back
Contemplation Series, Still Life Hasselblad digital back

"I started taking photographs in 1982, using a single lens reflex camera. Between 1995 - 2004 I did a lot of training and took courses in photography. Continuing to develop I kept looking for the heart of what moves and touches me in photography. In 1998 I borrowed a camera from the formed director of Hasselblad and I was immediately enthusiastic because of the larger format, the sharpness, the original standpoint, the handicraft way of the camera. I was sold! From 2000 to 2004 I attended masterclasses from landscape photographer Martin Kers and portrait photographer Koos Breukel. These two masters taught me the substance of photography and with them, I discovered what touches me deeply: simplicity, the layer under the surface, stillness. I developed my own style and now I count on that. Black & white photography is timeless and that is what I like so much about it. It gives room for your own imagination and feelings. Recently I also started working in color with my Hasselblad digital back. A completely new world has opened for me and it’s quite a challenge. I must say I love it too!"

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