Marilyn Helsenrott Hochhauser

"The evolution of my artwork over eighty years covers a spectrum of intriguing elements. My profound and passionate reaction to life induces a psychological motivation that encourages me to create. The works of art in my portfolio offer an in-depth variety of mediums from realism to abstraction.”

P152 Eleven X - Acrylic painting 40 x 83 in.

“My work has taken on many directions during my long career as an artist.”

Marilyn Helsenrott Hochhauser was born in Chicago, lived most her life in New York City before moving to California where she is now based. Marilyn received her Master's Degree in Painting at New York University and taught at Trenton State College in New Jersey.

"As an artist, I was greatly influenced in my earlier life as society was at that time. It was very difficult to remain unmoved and complacent in its' midst. My strong anger and disgust for society that allowed and encouraged conflict and suffering forced me to express these powerful and violent feelings in my early abstract paintings and drawings.

I have traveled to Japan making Japanese paper to express my creative talents to exhibit in the US. I am enthralled by the beauty of Oriental philosophy and the creative process allowed in papermaking and with the unity of nature, I am searching for opposites - the visual and invisible in my art.

Shortly after,  Helsenrott Hochhauser embarked on a new medium; metal sculpture,  and has work permanently displayed at Elings Park, CA. In this new direction,  she created an installation "Shapes in Space" which used light and motion.

"While, sculptural construction cut, scored and shaped are suspended from the ceiling. These specific abstract conjectures of beautiful shapes that move in a tranquil space creating unusual nuances of light shadow that convey an aesthetic concept as the shapes interweave gracefully with the sound of Japanese music."

"Following sculptural interests, I created pure white styrene forms, which are dimensional, cut, shaped, folded and attached to a canvas. These dimensional forms reveal unusual shades of black and white as light creates a magnificent pattern. This work creates for the viewer a spatial illusion of shadows that do not exist in reality that evoked a strange perspective for the viewer. What is real and what is not is the brain teaser. I have created poetry that is sensitive to Japanese philosophy."

P109 Kaleidoscope - 42 x 48 in.
P186 Dancing in Primary - Painted aluminum metal sculpture
P117 Aerial Three - 44 x 40 in.
5_SC252 - Sculptural construction

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