Marilyn Simler

"My work explores images of the natural world through layers of colour, shape, line and texture. Interwoven are elements of pattern. I like to think of my work as containing images and fragments of images that arrest the viewers' attention and challenge their perceptions."

WHITE OUT - Mixed media on canvas 92 x 61 cm

"After my first degree, I taught art at Redhill School in Johannesburg before emigrating to the UK in 1978. Since University in London, I have continued to be involved in the art world through regular exhibitions, in printmaking and painting."

South African artist, living in London, Marilyn Simler has received commissions from corporate and private clients, including the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Her work is represented in public collections including V&A print portfolio with the PMC, The Rolls Building London and Unilever.



B A HONS. Fine Arts - University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

University Education Diploma - University of South Africa

B A HONS. Fine Arts - Middlesex University, London

M A Fine Arts (Printmaking) - Middlesex University, London

FALLEN PETALS - Mixed media on paper 70 x 100 cm
FRAGMENTS 1 - Mixed media on canvas 60 x 60 cm
SUBSTRATA - Mixed media on canvas 90 x 90 cm
BALANCING ACT - Mixed media on canvas 76 x 62 cm

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