Marita Tobner

"The works deal with the diverse aspects of humans, their nature and their relationships and ambivalences with one another. Abstract and representational elements penetrate the pictorial space and create a field of tension with an eye for internal and external experiences.”

"Die Arbeiten befassen sich mit den vielfältigen Aspekten des Menschen, seiner Natur und seinen Beziehungen und Ambivalenzen untereinander. Abstrakte und gegenständliche Elemente durchdringen den Bildraum und schaffen ein Spannungsfeld mit Blick für innere und äußere Erfahrungen."

An einem Tag wie jeder andere - Mixed media 80 x 100 cm

German artist, Marita Tobner was born in Ulm in 1961. She studied Free Painting at the Ulm School of Artists' Guild in Ulm with Elke Traue, Wladimir Safronow and Georg Fenkl (2001-12) as well as at the Art Academy Esslingen with Angelika Hentschel (2013-7). In 2014 she studied with Prof. Albert Küppers  and in 2016-7 with Stephan Geisler.

Marita works as a freelance artist and has made painting trips to  Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Her works belong to national and international, private and public collections, notably the Museum of Fine Arts collection in the Neu-Ulm district. Marita Tobner is represented worldwide by LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin, Malta, Hong Kong, as well as Galerie Alpha 7 Weisweil and Galerie Inspire Art Dresden.

All that she wants - Mixed media 80 x 80 cm
A little taste of hope - Mixed media 100 x 140 cm
Alles Neuland - Mixed media 80 x 80 cm
Don‘t tell it mama - Mixed media 80 x 120 cm

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