Marjon Trap

“I am inspired by the not so perfect things in life.”

Withered Tulips - Photograph

Marjon Trap is a Dutch photographer. She graduated from the Academy for Image Creation in 2019. That same year she was one of ten nominees for the Keep an Eye Award. After graduating, to further develop as a still life photographer, she became an apprentice to Rein Janssen, who instilled her love for light and craftsmanship.

Marjon has a predilection for things that are not perfect. When she was told in one work that she hadn't used the most perfect flower, it inspired her to investigate how she could use dead flowers in her work.

It started with blossoms that she found rained out and trampled on the ground during her lunch break in the park, and now her studio looks like a failing flower shop with many withered and dead flowers that are her palette. Despite the sad state of the flowers, the zest for life radiates from the work she is doing.

Prelude to Spring - Photograph
Storm of Spring - Photograph
Floating Plants - Photograph
Rainbow Petals - Photograph

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