Marju Must

"My paintings explore the relationship between a person’s feelings and their emotional memories. The moments in my paintings are depicted in my own visual vocabulary, where self-expression of emotions is limitless. By highlighting aesthetics, I create intense personal moments taken from experience."

Remember, you're part of nature

Marju Must is an Estonian artist born in Tallinn and currently lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from Tartu Art College, Estonia with a BA (2017) in Painting and Painting Restoration. She has been on exchange studies in Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences' restoration department in Kouvola, Finland. There, after a second semester she completed thesis with Finnish artist, Kaapo Rissala, transferring to wallpainting restoration and conservation. In 2011, Marju graduated from the Euroacademy with BA degree on Interior Architecture.

Marju's art reflects her interest in human nature and emotions. Currently, her primary focus is on juxtaposing elements of reality with surrealism. Depicting a visual incentive and an emotion revived on the canvas are equally important for her. In her earlier work, she was more focused on depicting realistic details and developing technical skills, while lately her work has transformed into expressing emotional states in a freeer form of paint, with textures and layers.

Marju’s artwork has been shown in several exhibitions in Estonia. She has been participating in group exhibitions since 2012. Her first solo show "Painted Poems" took place in Võru Town Gallery in Võru, Estonia, where she illustrated poems with paintings. Marju has illustrated and had exhibitions about the children’s book “Story Cellar” in Saare Country Central Library and Orissaare Library, Estonia. Her first participation in an exhibition abroad, was the show "Fear" which took place online in Krakow, Poland 2021.

Needle for Freedom
A Girl with a Doll
A Girl with the Birds

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