Mark Huebner

"Why talk about it, if you can paint it." - F. Bacon

"The layers of perception are infinite, looking at a work of art, which is by itself a multiplying expression of all the layers of life."

BIOTOPE CONTAINED II - Digital photography 150 x 80 cm (various)

Mark Huebner’s work is a strong and very energetic expression of change throughout the destructive and creative forces, transmitted via live performances, sculptures, and paintings. Known for his hardcore live acts,  Huebner’s performances are fundamental to his practice and are translated into a very diverse spectrum of media. A German artist (b. 1966), Mark also incorporates the environmental aspect into his work, as a reflection of our mental state of being.

Living in southern Costa Rica, Mark experimented with a close-to-nature experience, while establishing a successful eco-resort. ( The life in the jungle led to the environmentally-conscious aspect of his work, combined with the well-established, more industrial oriented work from the past. This life-changing experience also introduced the bamboo as a material, which he applied to larger scale installation projects. “The environment that we create is a direct reflection of our state-of-mind, showing the destructive energy that we maintain.” Mark Huebner lives and works in Germany and Costa Rica.

Fb: Artist Mark Huebner
IG: artistmarkhuebner
MIND ATTACK - Digital photography 200 x 200 cm
THE LAST SUPPER- Paint, pastel, print, resin, 200 x 110 cm
BIOTOPE CONTAINED - Paint, print, resin 150 x 100 cm
DEFORMATION - Digital photography 200 x 100 cm

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