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"My passion is to create a piece of work that has sensory value to the viewer. Inspired by nature, capturing moments from walks by the coast or countryside, catching the light on a wave, or glimmer of sunlight through the trees. Making quick sketches and transferring them onto canvas in my studio."

Lily Pond - Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm £600

Oxfordshire - Maureen Gillespie, a talented artist born in Ireland, has been making significant strides in the art scene. Despite lacking formal art qualifications, Gillespie's natural talent and unwavering dedication to her craft have propelled her artistic development. Now residing in Oxfordshire, she has successfully balanced her artistic pursuits with professional work and raising a family.

From a young age, Gillespie displayed a deep passion for art. Although she excelled as an art student, she did not pursue any formal art qualifications. Nevertheless, her artistic journey continued to evolve as she nurtured her skills while navigating the responsibilities of her personal and professional life.

Gillespie's artistic prowess blossomed through a combination of self-teaching and guidance gained from residential courses at The Norfolk School of Art. It is through these experiences that she honed her distinctive style, characterized by vibrant land and seascapes, and an astonishing use of color. Her artwork emanates energy and captures the essence of the natural world.

With a growing reputation preceding her, Gillespie's art has garnered widespread attention in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Her unique creations have found homes in the collections of art enthusiasts who appreciate the vivacity and depth of her work.

In 2010, after a successful career as an HR Director, Gillespie made the pivotal decision to retire and dedicate herself fully to her passion for art. This transition allowed her to explore new artistic horizons and further develop her artistic expression.

Maureen Gillespie's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, showcasing the power of determination, self-teaching, and pursuing one's passion. Through her vibrant artwork, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world, capturing the hearts and minds of art lovers across the globe.


Select Shows

2012 - invited to exhibit 4 artworks in a new Oxfordshire gallery, opened by UK PM - David Cameron.

2014 - Solo Exhibition, and featured article in the Oxford Times

2015 - Awarded Artist Residency at Cill Rialaig in Ballinskelligs, co. Kerry Ireland,

2018 - Artwork selected and published in the Oxford Art Book, 

2019 - Solo Exhibition for BNP Paribas Bank in Jersey.

On the Charente - Oil on board 43 x 33 cm £400
Night on Thames - Mixed media on paper 62 x 55 cm £500
Where the sky meets the sea - Oil on board 92 x 67 cm £700
Clouds over Bamborough Castle - Oil on canvas 89 x 64 cm £700

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