Mauro Martin

Mauro always applies the “less is more” philosophy to any of his works, achieving deep metaphysical meanings. The subjects in his photographs look as if they had been carved out of a block of marble: they express the ineffable with great intensity, portraying the sublime of the feminine essence...

Serenissima, Posa VII - Photograph 60x90 cm

Italian artist, Mauro Martin was born in Pinerolo (Piedmont). After graduating from Art School he studied Architecture at the University of Turin. Throughout his studies, he also attended the studio of a famous Surrealist painter from Turin, Raffaele Ponte Corvo, as well as developing a keen interest and involvement with the Venetian artistic circles. 

Between 1975-1980 his work was based on a Structuralist reinterpretation of Fifteenth Century art. By blending this first experience with a neo-metaphysical conception of art, he stepped into Magical Realism. Since 1995, along with figurative works, he has also been making informal or abstract paintings, and has been using photography since 2006.

Mauro Martin started his artistic career in 1977 with an exhibition at the San Vidal Gallery in Venice; over the years his work has gone from strength to strength, and is deeply appreciated all over Italy, Europe and States.

Imperum - Photograph 90x60 cm
Serenissima, Posa XII - Photograph 90x90 cm
Serenissima, Posa II - Photograph 90x90 cm
Neoclassical Portrait -Vicky - Photograph 90x90 cm

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