Anabel Mayorga Ayala

“Feel through color and composition with an authentic sensitive language between. “Be" and not "be" from an abstract work of art to a realistic one without losing sight of Beauty.”

Entre Aguas - Watercolor 75 x 105cm

Mexican Artist, Anabel Mayorga Ayala has a clear love for painting. She has taken classes in various institutions and workshops and has participated in a variety of watercolor salons, through which she has also been selected for exhibition in museums as well as Honorable Mention awards of national range. Anabel showed interest in painting from a young age, actively producing work and experimenting to create her personal style. This passion fills her soul and continues to grow, develop and leave a mark in her path.

In 2012 she participated in the New York exhibit, “The Soul of Mexico” at Gateway Art center including renowned painters like Toledo Jazzamo. In 2017 she exhibited in “Thoughts of Water” selected through the International Watercolor Contest IWS. In 2018, she held her first solo show at the MUCIC Museum of the city of Cuernavaca entitled Síntesis y Silencio.

Anabel holds a degree  in Communication and Public Relations from Universidad Latinoamericana.

Extasis De Mi Alma - Watercolor 105 x 77 cm
Triste Belleza - Watercolor 76 x 56 cm
Sutileza - Watercolor 76 x 56 cm
Como Te Veo Me VI - Watercolor 76 x 56 cm

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