Maz Jackson

"I have a deep interest in traditional practices in color, line, mark-making, and edge. Imagery springs form anything that excites me: communication, laughter, touch, tension, flight, landscape, the spaces between and things sacred."

The Mariner - Egg tempera on gilded oak panel 30 x 30 cm £3500

Exhibiting at the Royal Academy, London as a student to then become Winner of national and international awards Maz Jackson's work has been traveled worldwide in galleries and museums in solo and collective exhibitions in countries including the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and across Western Europe. Jackson also represented the UK at Florence, Palermo and Venice Biennale and the Salon des Independants, Grand Palais Paris.

Time, Sculpture - Egg tempera on gilded oak 60 x 12 x 12 cm £6000
Why - Egg tempera on gided oak panel 57 x 19 cm £4500
The Angels Apprentice - Egg tempera on gilded oak panel 68 x 12 cm £3750
Peacemaker Totem - Egg tempera on gilded oak panel 60 x 16 £3750

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