Mei-Lin Lin

"Image creation is more than combining colors and shapes. In the creation process, the creator endeavors to enable the artwork to narrate her observation of the boundless universe."

Red 14 - Digital collage

In Mei-Lin Lin’s creations, she uses a combination of painting and photography layering, similar to image superimposition in the multiple exposure technique of photography. By integrating the various layers of images using post-production techniques, a novel and colorful picture is created. Using stark contrasting color blocks and unconventional methods, she hopes to guide viewers into her interpreted world. From Taiwan, Mei-Lin holds a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Tzu Chi University.

Green Leaf 2 - Digital collage
Virus 8 - Digital collage
Red 11 - Digital collage
Spring 0605 - Digital collage
Virus 20203 - Digital collage
Virus 12 - Digital collage
Bidens Pilosa - Digital collage
Wait - Digital collage
Green Leaf - Digital collage

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