Become a member artist to enjoy inclusion in a variety of high caliber projects that will boost your resume and expand your professional profile. 


Visual artists working in painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, digital media, printmaking, illustration, design, performance, video art, new media etc. can apply to become members. Our membership program is for the active artist who wants to expand their resume and participate in valuable projects. 


Juried entry into the CFA Affiliate Artists program is a direct opportunity to boost your resume, become established within a community of remarkable artists, and participate in a variety of high caliber/high-quality projects that professionalize your profile and introduce your practice to new audiences. 



 Accepted members enjoy a list of important benefits which include an original certificate, cash and title awards, interview/presentation about you and your art on your personal webpage, publication in our print magazines, feature in our videos and even more. 


Read all details on this page. If you decide this is the right project for your, fill out a free application below to show us your art. 

CFA Affiliate Artists Benefits

The CFA annual membership lasts 1 year, costs 59 and includes the following:

  • CFA Membership Certificate and Representation

    A valuable addition to your professional resume, you will keep the CFA Affiliate Artist title for one year and receive an original digital printable certificate.

  • A review/presentation of your art and your career ( 

    Your personal CFA page will include your name, professionally edited text about you and your art, artist statement quotes, a link to your website or social media page and 5 images of your work with title, media, and dimensions. 

    This presentation can be used as your only personal website or as a reference article about you and your career. Elegantly designed, your CFA page will provide a professional overview and review of your practice that you can share by email or on your favorite social media. 

  • Artists of the Year Award

    As a CFA Affiliate Artist, you automatically compete for this award. In January 2018, two artists will be selected to receive: 

    - CFA Artist of the Year title and original printable certificate

    - 1 extra year free CFA membership


    1st Place Award: 2000Euro (about 2300 USD) in cash

    2nd Place Award: A personal artist hardcover booklet with a retrospective presentation on your art and your profile (images, statement, biography)

  • 5 artists/finalists will receive an interview published on our website.
  • 50 artists will receive an Honorable Mention Certificate
  • Publication in Circle Magazine.

    Ten (10) CFA Affiliate Artists get published in every issue of Circle Quarterly, our official print, and e-magazine. Your presentation could be on an inside page or on the covers of the magazine. 

***Extra projects

  • Publication in SPOTLIGHT Magazine

    Reserved for our member artists, Spotlight Magazine introduces a remarkable selection of art worth collecting. Each issue is available online to read page-by-page. The printed magazine is available in two sizes, pocket and regular and is sold at cost price. Print copies are delivered to art lovers and professionals at international art fairs. The online magazine reaches about 75,000 art professionals through our dedicated Newsletter. Your page(s) in the magazine will include your name, short artist statement, a direct link to your website and 1 large image per page. You can add the entire magazine on your personal website.


  • Video

    As a CFA Affiliate Artist, you can be included in our next short video introducing our member artists.  1 slide with your name, country of origin/current country, and 1 image will feature in a short slide video available through Vimeo, our website, our social media pages etc. You can add the entire video on your personal website.


  • Other Projects

    At Circle, we work continuously for our member artists. Throughout the year we create new and interesting projects tailored to and reserved for the artists we represent. From special edition magazines, hardcover books, exhibitions, art fairs, online and offline projects we are always actively creating new ways for our affiliate artists to publish, exhibit, promote and increase the value of their art.  

Ready to become a CFA Affiliate Artist? Simple!

Fill out an application to show us your work.

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What artist say about us

“Thank you very much.  I am very happy and excited to be part of CFA.”

- Armineh

“I think the format is simply elegant and the photographs beautifully reproduced. Thank you for your attention to detail and excellent product!”

- Lynda M.

“You guys did a great job! I love it, and (am) proud of being a CFA Affiliate Artist.”

- Lynn

“The page and images look really great. I thank you for selecting my work and I am honored to be part of the  Affiliate Artists Program.  I look forward to seeing the next issue of Spotlight Magazine.”

- Dolores

“Dear Circle Foundation for the Arts I really appreciated the page which you did for me. Looks beautiful and very professional.”

- Yelena

” I think your platform is really beautiful!”

- Rosie

“I received the very nice print copies of Spotlight Magazine June. I have sent it to many experts.They are impressed!”

- Ursa

“The page on CFA looks very professional..” 

- RJ

” It is a great thing to give the chance to the artist to show the artworks and my page is beautiful amongst a talented group.”

- Danisa

“Thank you I received the print copies of Spotlight ok they arrived in good condition.The little magazine was well presented some excellent so works there.”

- David W.

“Thanks for welcoming me to CFA! It’s a great pleasure to be among the fine artists you have here.”

- Jaie

“Thank you very much for your email, I really appreciate to see my beautiful “Helen Kagan Healing Arts page”  on your CFA website! It looks very nice!”

- Helen

“Thank you, I am so pleased to be part of CFA.”

- Mario

“I love my page!! It’s so exciting!! The text is perfect! Thank you for representing my art!! I’m so happy!! I can’t wait to share on my Facebook page, Instagram et Twitter!”

- Melanie

“Thank you very much. Being a member of this perfect community is a pleasure for me.”

- Pinar A.

“My CFA page looks great and the text is perfect, thank you.”

- Jack

“Many thanks for the page – The layout is excellent – You have done a great job!”

- Mark

“I thank you so much and truly appreciate the huge effort that CFA is making for artists.”

- Christine

“It is an honor to be included along with the other artists, each with their very personal creative expression. My experience with Circle Foundation has been extremely positive and I would again like to thank you for accepting me as one of your artists and for your insightful critique of my work.”

- Terry G.

Many thanks for the support it is very much appreciated. 

- Mark

“Thank you again for this exciting opportunity. The page looks great and the editing is perfect! Here’s to our future success!”

- Jess

“I very much enjoyed looking through the artwork and loved the quote or info posted under each piece of work. It was a pleasure from cover to cover. The reproduction of my own artwork was also great.”

- Gail W.

“I am very happy to be part of Circle Foundation for the Arts and work with you for a year and I hope for many years.”

- Maria

“Thank you very much for the honor to be a member of CFA. I appreciate it.”

- Ursa

“I like the magazine very much and will love to share it with my friends.
Thanks a lot. Best regards, “

- Lynn

“Wow! How cool is this! Thank you! Thrilled to be included with other very talented artists!”

- Joy

 “I’ve received the copy (of the magazine) – many thanks! Everything looks good and professional. A good experience working with you!”


- Nadja

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a CFA Affiliate Artist?  

Our membership program is affordable, accessible, rewarding and very straightforward. By becoming a member you become established within a milieu of great artists, you get professionally edited texts in English and your art is published online and in print. By joining this program, you will become part of a foundation that actively helps you to boost your resume, offers you access to interesting projects, titles, cash awards etc. and is here for you if you need advice on your career. 

• Copyrights, commissions etc.

CFA Affiliate Artists keep 100% of the copyrights of their artwork and only allow CFA to publish their images and text on our website, our social media, our magazines, videos, etc. with the purpose of presenting and promoting the artist. If through your CFA representation you sell artwork we will not be involved and we do not take any commission. 

• Is there a fee to become a member artist? 

Yes. The fee for the annual membership is 59euro (or about 69 USD)  flat, one-time fee. 

• Is there a deadline?

To be published in the next issue of The New Art Magazine you must complete your CFA entry by the 25th of the month. To compete for the Artists of the Year Award you must complete your CFA entry by December 15, 2017.

• What will my page(s) in the Magazines look like?

Click on this image to see previous issues of our magazine to get a closer idea of what your page(s) could look like. 

More Questions? Email us directly at