Join the CFA Affiliate Artists program today.

Become established within our network of remarkable artists and expand your network of opportunities.

Visual artists working in all types of media (painting, sculpture, photography, illustration, installation, digital art, craft, design, applied arts etc) can fill out a free application to become member artists. Accepted artists will enjoy a list of important benefits.

CFA Affiliate Artists Benefits

The CFA annual membership lasts 1 year, costs 59€, and includes the following:

  • CFA Membership Certificate and Representation

    A valuable addition to your professional resume, you will keep the CFA Affiliate Artist title for one year and receive an original digital and printable certificate.


  • A published article/review of your art and your career ( 

    Your page will include 5 large images of your work and professionally edited text about you and your art (statement, bio, review). You can have a direct link to your other website and your email. 

    Your page can be used as your only personal website or as a reference article about you and your career. Elegantly designed, your CFA page will provide a professional overview and review of your practice that you can share by email or on your favorite social media. 

  • Publication in Circle Magazine.

    Ten (10) CFA Affiliate Artists get published in every issue of Circle Quarterly, our official print, and e-magazine. Your presentation could be on an inside page or on the covers of the magazine. 

  • Publication in Spotlight Magazine

    As a new Affiliate Artist, you will be published in the next issue of Spotlight Magazine. Your page will include 1 image of your work, a short artist quote, your name and link to your CFA page. The magazine is available as e-magazine and in print. You can embed the digital magazine on your personal website and you can order as many print copies as you like, directly to your postal address of choice. 

  • Artist of the Year Award

    As a CFA Affiliate Artist you will automatically compete for this award. At the end of the year, a 5 member jury gets together to review and select 1 artist to become the CFA Artist of the Year.

    The selected Affiliate Artist will receive the following:

    - CFA Artist of the Year title and certificate

    - 1 extra year free CFA membership

    - 2000€ in cash

    - A special print + digital promotion package (includes: 20-page booklet with images + text only with your art, special feature on our homepage, dedicated email sent to over 75,000 art professionals in our network)

✓ Extra Projects

At Circle we work continuously for our member artists. Throughout the year we create new and interesting projects tailored to and reserved for the artists we represent. From special edition magazines, hardcover books, exhibitions, art fairs, online and offline projects we are always actively creating new ways for our affiliate artists to publish, exhibit, promote and increase the value of their art. 

Ready to become a CFA Affiliate Artist? Simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a CFA Affiliate Artist?  

Our membership program is affordable, accessible, rewarding and very straightforward. By becoming a member you become established within a milieu of great artists, you get a professionally edited bio/statement texts in English and your art is published and promoted. By joining this program, you will become part of a foundation that actively helps you to boost your resume, offers you access to interesting projects, titles, cash awards etc. and is here for you if you need advice on your career. 


• Is there a deadline?

To be published in this month’s SPOTLIGHT Magazine you must complete your CFA entry by the 25th of the month. 

To compete for the Artist of the Year Award you must complete your CFA entry by December 15, 2017.


• Who selects the images on my page? 

Your CFA page will be a curated presentation and review of your practice and your career. We will take the time to review all the links you send us and select 5 images for your page that we consider not only great art but also a good and comprehensive reflection of your personal, unique style.


• Copyrights, commissions etc.

CFA Affiliate Artists keep 100% of the copyrights of their artwork and only allow CFA to publish their images and text on our website, our social media, our magazines, etc. with the purpose of presenting and promoting the artist. If through your CFA representation you sell artwork we will not be involved and we do not take any commission. 


• What will my CFA page look like?  

Each member artist's page looks different and is designed to produce an elegant presentation of their selected images. Visit Collector's Circle and click on any member artist to get a better idea of the work that we do 😉


• Are there any hidden fees!? How come the membership fee is so low?

The only cost to becoming a CFA member artist is 59€ . Tax is already included in the price. There is no other fee. Artists often ask us why the membership fee is so low.  The answer is simple. We love what we do and we believe in it. We are aware that there are many promotion companies that will charge insane amounts to publish or to exhibit. Our philosophy is different. We want every artist who is accepted to be able to afford the membership fee. We devote many hours of work to each member artist, looking at their work, creating their presentations and even looking out for specific opportunities for them and the fee is almost symbolic.


• What will my page in Spotlight Magazine look like?

Click on this image to see previous issues of SPOTLIGHT magazine to get a closer idea of what your page will look like. 


More Questions? Email us directly at