Micaela Summers

"I search for the colors and different hues in many of the things I encounter during my day. It is a habit that I have developed during the years since my very first art lesson. When I see a landscape or a scene that captures my attention, I have this urge feeling to recreate it in my own words."

Summer of '23 - Mixed media 60x80 cm, $880

Micaela Summers is an artist based in the outskirts of Lucerne, Switzerland. After many years of moving with her family, living in Sweden, the USA, and Argentina, Micaela settled in Lucerne and began taking oil painting lessons in 2011.

Her body of work begins with sketches and later transitions into the recreation of ideas on canvas. She employs a layered technique in which the painting is constructed with four or five thin layers of fine oil paint. The colors are meticulously selected to maintain the right balance in the composition.

Her current genre of choice is landscapes and flowers, which are often inspired by nature, places she has visited or lived in, and, to a large extent, her surroundings in Central Switzerland. Her work is realistic yet sometimes imbued with a touch of naivety. What she enjoys most is the mixing and creation of colors to express what she sees and perceives. Micaela holds a BBA.

Blau - Oil on canvas 80x80 cm, $1,490
The Lighthouse - Oil on canvas 60x50 cm, $740
Still - Oil on canvas 40x50 cm, $690
Japanese, Cherry Blossoms - Oil on canvas $720

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