Michael Birnstingl

"Flying through the world, watching life as it blurs into the cosmos, feeling my own imagination vibrating in my brain and drawing everything down..."

I KNOW EVERYTHING - Colored pencils 90 x 70 cm

Austrian artist,  living in Graz, Michael Birnstingl creates fantastic, psychedelic surrealistic drawings in colour pencil. His artworks are usually very detailed drawings or painted stories featuring biblical dreams and thoughts shrouded in issues of modern times. The pictures range from rotating images with several different display options, optical illusions and double vision images with a number of hidden single motifs and symbols.

CYCLE OF LIFE - Colored pencils 90 x 70 cm
ISOLATION NATION - Colored pencils 90 x 70 cm
MOTHER NATURE - Colored pencils 90 x 70 cm
SPELLBOUND BY IMAGINARY WORLD - Colored pencils 90 x 70 cm

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