Michael Ian Goulding

"My work celebrates the beauty of the female form and spirit. While my aesthetic sense springs from wonder at the variety and mystery of the body's physical reality, my photographs are primarily aimed at recording the beauty of the female form from an abstract point of view."

Amy XVII - Film Capture, 14 x 11 in. $300 (matted, unframed)

“I have been engaged in art for nearly my entire life.  I have worked in a variety of media and focused on a number of subjects, all with the purpose of creating something beautiful.  Ultimately that journey led me to focus on the beauty of the female form as viewed through black and white photography.”

To me, the creation and sharing of art is fulfilling when it brings joy to others.  I recall the first time that I exhibited my photography, a woman came up to me, referring to Stephanie I and said, "I enjoyed all of your works, but this one, this one is poetry."  But perhaps my greatest fulfillment comes from working with those who model for me.  While holding the newly matted and framed Carmen V, which was the payment Carmen elected to receive for modeling for me, she said, "I never knew how beautiful I was until I saw myself in your photographs."

I think the world would be a better place if we all focused more of our attention on creating and appreciating beauty.  Although I greatly enjoy exhibiting my artwork, over the last few years I have focused my attention on publishing my artwork in order to reach a wider audience with whom to share it.  I thank Circle Foundation for the Arts for providing that opportunity.

My studio is located in the United States, in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.  I have exhibited my artwork in venues across North America, Europe and Asia. I have received multiple awards and my artwork has been published in numerous publications on art or featuring art photography. My work has also been licensed for use by musical artists for compact disc covers and related promotional materials."

Aileen IV - Digital Capture, 11 x 14 in, $300 (matted, unframed)
Carmen V - Film Capture 14 x 11 in. $300 (matted, unframed)
Becky VII - Film Capture, 11 x 14 in. $300 (matted, unframed)
Stephanie I - Film Capture 14 x 11 in. $300 (matted, unframed)

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