Michal Ashkenasi

"I believe art to be a tool that draws people together and through colors and compositions brings joy and hope for a better world. This is one of my aims in my paintings! My work is inspired by my imagination and nature."

After The Rain - Digital media

Born in the Netherlands in 1935, Michal Ashkenasi lives in Kevar Saba, Israel. Coming to art later in life, Ashkenasi studied Fine Art at Haifa University for 3 years and took Master Art classes for 7 years. She has had more than 30 solo shows with her paintings and seven solo show dedicated to her photography. Ashkenasi has received seven notable international awards,  in addition to receiving the title of Hon. Professor Associated Academician at the Academia del Arte Grechi-Marino, Italy. Ashkenasi considers her style minimalistic and lyrical and her beautiful abstract canvases are worth collecting.

The Fir Cone - Digital media
Blue Autumn 2 - Digital media and 3D elements
Day and Night - Digital media
Abstract Orange - Digital media
Blue of the Blue, Acrylic and sculpting paste 80 x 60 cm
Damocles Sword 2, Acrylic and marker 80 x 60 cm
Sails 3, Acrylic 50 x70 cm
Floating Dreams, Acrylic 70 x 100 cm
Gols Fishes, Acrylic 90 x 90 cm

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