Michela Valenti

"Le temps passe, la vie aussi… La peinture c’est un peu comme réussir à saisir les instants de vie, les expériences, les pensées, l’évolution personnelle, les bonheurs et les tristesses, les certitudes et les doutes. Un message pour partager la perception des «choses de la vie», avec son quotidien."

"Time passes, life too... Painting is a bit like succeeding in capturing the moments of life, experiences, thoughts, personal evolution, happiness and sadness, certainties and doubts. A message to share the perception of "things of life", with its daily life."

La Forza è Femmina '22 - Mixed media on canvas 50 x 150 cm

Michela Valenti was born in Switzerland in 1968. Valenti graduated with a diploma of technical and industrial drawing (STA Lugano) in 1992. At age 33, after a cerebral accident, she remained for several months with the loss of her eyesight. During the time that she spent in the darkness, Valenti was able to shed light in an insightful way on her beliefs, and found herself. This is how her artistic pathway started in 2005. She participated in many national and international exhibitions. Her work can be found in public and private collections, published in catalogs and art magazines. Many important critics have shown interest in her work.

Her artistic language is expressed through elegant chromatic combinations. The artist is able to capture the basic nature of objects, through which she senses the deepest vibration and creates an introspective communication.

La Vita '22 - Mixed media on board 118 x 102 cm
Un Giorno d'inverno '21 - Mixed media on board 85 x 96 cm
Leggerezza '20 - Mixed media on board 83 x 85 cm
Yellow '22 - Mixed media on board 112 x 105 cm

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