Michele Simonetti

“I paint minimalist abstract compositions that explore the relationship between real and imagined worlds, personal and collective memories. By exploring a shared visual language, I discover the fascinating complexity of human perception.”

Untitled [White & Gold] - 2021 - Acrylic, Pumice, Salt, and Gold Leaf on Canvas - 91 x 61 cm - €3,600

Michele Simonetti, born in 1976 in Italy, currently resides and works in Brooklyn, New York. He earned his Masters in Architecture from the University of Florence in 2002, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for architectural brutalism and minimalism. Upon relocating to New York in 2014, Simonetti expanded his artistic interests to encompass the intersection of architecture and contemporary art.

In his painting practice, Simonetti explores the dynamic interplay between abstraction and representation, delving into the nuanced relationship between the tangible and the imagined, as well as individual and collective memories. His work serves as a visual exploration of the borders between real and imagined worlds, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersections of personal narratives and broader societal themes.

Simonetti's recent exhibitions include group shows in prominent art hubs such as New York and Miami in the United States, as well as Milan and Florence in Italy. Additionally, he has held a solo exhibition titled "The Advent of Modernity" at Agora Gallery in New York, further solidifying his presence in the contemporary art scene. Through his thought-provoking and visually compelling work, Simonetti continues to captivate audiences with his exploration of the complexities of the human experience and the built environment.

Untitled [Blue & Pink] - 2024 - Acrylic, Salt, Pumice, and Paper on Canvas - 91 x 61 cm - €3,200
Untitled [Black & Gold] - 2021 - Acrylic, Pumice, and Gold Leaf on Canvas - 91 x 61 cm - €3,600
Untitled [Green] - 2023 - Acrylic Paper on Canvas - 91 x 61 cm - €3,200
Untitled [Black] - 2023 - Acrylic on Canvas - 91 x 61 cm - €3,200

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