Miguel Balbás

“The artist brings something into the world that didn't exist before, and he does it without destroying something else."

- John Updike

Abstract_1609 - Digital art 12.7 x 8.86 cm


Miguel Balbás’s artwork is solid and would stoically withstand any criticism from those who can’t bear for a piece of art to be beautiful, and nothing more. In contrast to proposals of questionable taste and poor content, both aesthetically and intellectually, the work of this artist is a tribute to the perfection of form, from someone whose objective, in his personal as well as professional life, is to make existence more tolerable for the rest of us. His work is coherent, completely in line with his personality. In it, his vast imagination and creativity come together and take on form, and nobody is left indifferent, whether the work be considered another creative expression or whether it be seen as art; undoubtedly, even without an explicit content, these works are attractive, decorative and tendency-defining.

I am convinced that the work of Miguel Balbás will be a reference for future artists, who will try to use this already refined technique, as well as some original and surprising aesthetic concepts, in order to jump on the bandwagon of decorative and abstract expression. What they would ignore is that it is precisely the extremely sensitive personality of the artist what brought about and gave life to these great works. I am certain that any attempt at imitating his art would never live up to their inspiration, above all because the original pieces are so forceful and unflinching. When facing a solid, original and aesthetically captivating work, we can only congratulate ourselves on having been able to spend a bit of time contemplating it and thus not return home, once more, with the feeling that we’ve again been fooled. To those purists who only have one conception of art to which they cling to it as if it were dogma: I would invite them to leave behind their clichés when contemplating these pieces and look at them as a celebration of beauty and good taste; I would ask them to cons.


Colorful Composition_4 - Digital art 11.93 x 8.47 cm
Love of all sorts - Digital art 50.79 x 35.27 cm
Lizards - Digital art 12.18 x 8.47 cm
Collage_2309 - Digital art 11.98 x 8.47 cm

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