Miodrag Peric

“Through the accumulation, juxtaposition, and intertwining of materials of different consistencies, energies and meanings, new visual structures which are not haphazard surrealistic collisions but rather the artist’s response to the complexity and segmentation of the world we inhabit do emerge.”

Excess Baggage: Tailor Made Mixed media, wood, iron, goat fur 110 x 120 x 50 cm

Born 1971 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Miodrag Peric graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, from the Sculpture department in Novi Sad (1997). Peric is a member of EAA European Artists Association, Essen, Germany, Artists Association of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia,  and Art Director and Founder of International Symposium for Sculptors, IN VIVO, Novi Sad, Serbia. He has exhibited his work in more than 30 solo shows and participated in numerous art symposiums. His works have been commissioned for publication spaces and belong to collections and museums worldwide, in China, Germany, Serbia, Belgium, France, Greece, United Kingdom, India. When we asked Miodrag Peric to describe his art in 3 words he said “surreal, provocative, peculiar.”

33 45 RPM, 2015 Mixed media and leather 60 x 50 x 40 cm
Excess Baggage: Squirtgun, 2016 Iguanas leather, paint 140 x 60 x 60 cm
Excess Baggage: Corkscrew 2016 Mixed media, wood, horns 60 x 40 x 25 cm
Early In The Morning, Later That Night, 2017 Wood, forged iron 60 x 45 x 40 cm

“I am the artist who works in different media, self-avowedly exploring the discarded past, depersonalization and social stratification as the end point of contemporary man. However, by setting my work in a contemporary context, I create works of art, in addition to sharing those general traits that are distinctive to the global society and which result from the spread of technological growth, mass production, offsetting, fragmentation, recycling, anonymity, and simulation. These works possess topological qualities which makes them warm and authentic.”

Review published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images courtesy of the artist