Misa Aihara

"Sometimes I work in chaos. I ask myself "Is the picture worth working for?" My brain tells me "Wrong color!", "Wrong place!" I struggle to find steps. I believe I will come to the goal. I want to give emotional and spiritual impact to a composition of figurative abstract elements."

Verko 17-9 - Oil on canvas 80 x 100cm

We have the ability to sense every color and every shape surrounding us and accept what they are telling. I am always open to the things that come to me through my five senses in my daily life. Some are color and form, some of them come through communication by words and sounds and others come through the atmosphere in the sense of smell, touch and so on. I observe my painting to get inspiration for the next step from the hint of a color either in a small part of the canvas, the whole structure of the canvas or the atmosphere of the image. When I misread the hints, I analyze the reason for my mistake and try to find another step. I always repeat this process to complete a painting. I want to evoke profound feelings in the viewer and invite to explore deeper dimensions of consciousness."

Verko 17-1 - Oil on canvas 72.2 x 90.9cm
Verko 17-21 - Oil on canvas 60.6 x 72.7cm
Verko 18-7 - Oil on canvas 80 x 100cm
Kompozicio: Verdo & Bluo '18 - Oil on canvas 97 x 130.3cm

Born in the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, Misa Aihara graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo. She has been actively producing and exhibiting artwork since the early 70s in Japan, across Europe and the USA. Aihara recently participated at the Florence Biennale, London Art Biennale, Art Fair New York 2017 and was awarded by the Chianciano Art Museum, The Global Art Awards, 1st "Prince of Salinas-Gottopardo"Art Critic Award and many more.

Verko 07-06, Oil on canvas 100 × 80 cm
Verko 11-7, Oil on canvas 100 × 80 cm
Verko 16-2, Oil on canvas 100 × 80 cm
Verko 15-4, Oil on canvas 91 × 73 cm
En Cxambro 08-07, Oil on canvas 117 × 91 cm

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