Mitty Zall

“As an artist, I tried to convey the beauty and love I see in everyday life. I enjoy the creative aspect of producing something new and different. My current work is a new series I refer to abstract scene. With my art I would like to bring joy and serenity to the viewers. Art is where I found my voice.”

Abstract Scene #173 - 40 x 30 in $6,500

 From Iran, Mitty Zall has always harbored a deep passion for painting since her formative years. Under various mentors, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, striving to learn and master as many artistic areas and styles as possible. While initially honing her skills in traditional, classical, and impressionist oil painting, Zall later found her true calling in abstract art, particularly with acrylics. The medium's versatility allows her to manifest her emotions and desires freely, granting her a sense of liberation as she translates her innermost thoughts onto canvas.

As an artist, Zall endeavors to capture the beauty and love she perceives in everyday life, infusing her creations with a sense of joy and positivity. Embracing the creative process, she revels in the opportunity to produce something new and innovative with each artwork. Zall firmly believes in the importance of experimenting with different mediums and styles, viewing it as a pathway to personal growth and artistic evolution. Recently, she has embarked on exploring a new stroke technique in her paintings, utilizing a minimalist palette of two to three colors and their shades to bring her abstract visions to life. This series, aptly named "Abstract Scene," reflects her commitment to pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression. With her artwork showcased in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally, Zall's talent continues to captivate audiences around the globe.

Abstract Scene #175 - 24 x 48 in $6,500
Abstract Scene #167 - 48 x 48 in $8,000
Abstract Scene #152 - Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 40 in.
Abstract Scene #153 - Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 48 in.
Abstract Scene #154 - Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 40 in.
Abstract Scene #172 - 24 x 48 in $6,500
Abstract Scene #171 - 60 x 60 in $9,500
Abstract Scene #166 - Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 60 in.
Abstract Scene #168 - Acrylic on Canvas 48 x 48 in.

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