Miya Ozaki

“From the concept of eight negations, and emptiness ("Mulamadhyamakakarika", Nagarjuna, The Philosophy of the Middle Way) (I arrive at) an abstract representation of the empty view that I could capture. The life motivation of foamy life drifts with light and shadow. I adore the Lord of Nature and Creation.”

Blue Love - Accidentally, Table Center 122 x 150 cm

Selected invitational exhibitions

  2020/2018/2011 Inaugurazione della mostra delle opere selezionate al Premio Firenze, Palazzo Bastogi, ITALY

  2019~2001 Korean Fan Exhibition, KOREA

  2018/2015/2008  Firenze-Europa "Mario Conti ", Palazzo Vecchio, ITALY

  2012 21C INTERNATIONAL Art and Culture Exchang Association, KOREA

  2009 Premio Firenze Mostra in Palazzo Panciatichi, ITALY

  2007 Sala espositiva, The Governor's Palace, ITALY

           Palazzo della Loggia - Sala espositiva’E.Lancerotto'-Noale, ITALY


Japanese Artist, Miya Ozaki holds a Museum Curator qualification (1997) from the University of Bukkyo, Faculty of Literature, Department of Buddhism.

Blue Love - Accidentally, Wall Mirror Sheet 90 x 142 cm
Blue Love - Transparency, Transparent sheet (detail) 300 x 50.5 cm
Blue Love - Reflect, Poncho (Aluminum polypropylene) 100 x 187 cm
Blue Love - Transparency, Transparent sheet (both side) 300 x 50.5 cm

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