Monica Mendes

"I am an artist who paints my surroundings, I am a representational and humanitarian artist who is disturbed by prejudices and social injustices. I strongly believe that as an artist, I have social responsibilities and through my art, I want to contribute to a better and fairer world for everyone."

Liberdade - Oil on linen 43 x 35 in.

Monica Mendes was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and lives in Miami, USA. The artist has a degree in Public Relations and Physical Education. Despite a deeply rooted interest in art since childhood, Mendes did not focus on art until 2016 when she obtained her MFA degree in Painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Monica Mendes, an award-winning artist, regularly participates in various exhibitions, fairs, and art shows around the world.

Ate Quando? - Oil on linen 40 x 32 in.
A gente Vai Levando - Oil on linen 47 x 37,5 in.
Comunidade do Morro - Oil on linen 45 x 22 in.
So Quero Paz - Oil on linen 44 x 36 in.

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